I've worked in the space industry since the shiny* days of the late 2000s.

During this time I've worked as a system engineer for the MASCOT mission and as policy representative for Galileo/EGNOS. I like making decisions in complex situations.

I've worked at the European Space Agency (ESA), the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). I was also a member of the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) and am one of the co-founders of SpaceUp Bremen.

Also, I helped put this charming little thing in space.

I'm now working as a System Engineer for the European Space Agency (ESA) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. I support feasibility studies for the next generation of European space missions in the ESA Concurrent Design Facility.

You can get a fuller portrait via LinkedIn.


*Yes, this is a Firefly reference. No, I'm not ashamed.